Phase Two Podiatry, PC 301 Mill Road Suite U-7 Hewlett, NY 11557


Home Faq

Q. What scope of podiatry does Phase Two Podiatry provide?

Phase Two Podiatry is a podiatrist owned company that renders all aspects of foot care to residents in skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes.

Q. In what areas does Phase Two Podiatry practice?

Phase Two Podiatry is based out of Long Island, NY and services facilities throughout out New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Minnesota.

Q. Are the services covered by insurance?

Most insurances cover the provided services. In the event that the insurance company does not pay, the facility will never be billed for unpaid claims.

Q. Where does the doctor see the residents?

The residents can either be seen in their respective rooms or they can be brought to a designated clinic/treatment room.

Q. What does the facility need to provide for the podiatrist?

Nothing. The doctors come equipped with all the required supplies.

Q. How often does the podiatrist visit the facility?

The frequency will be determined based on the size of the facility. Residents are usually seen between every 2 to 3 months or more frequently if an acute problem arises.